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Digital Marketing

Why Digirovers?

We acquire, we engage, we retain, we conquer!

Our Offerings

The team at Digirovers comprehends, analyses, designs, creates and delivers meticulously.

Content Marketing

Stories are magic and magic is content! We conceptualise and create content strategies that are designed to stand out and in sync with your business objectives

Performance Marketing

We believe lower funnel optimization requires the right mix of human and machine learning. We, at Digirovers, specialize in user acquisition and user outreach strategies.

Email & SMS Marketing

We offer email marketing and SMS approach with a personalized solution to interact with the right audience. Keeping in mind the recent trends, we blend and capitalise on creative innovations to drive user engagement.

Voice Solutions

A mobile outreach program via content engagement that leverages the power of technology and storytelling in order to reach out to rural areas, media dark markets to enable in-depth consumer persona driven nano-targeting

Marketing Automation

Cross-channel automation, data-driven personalisation and analytics for overall monitoring and optimization are our key expertise areas

Programmatic Advertising

We are a Google partner with a seat on the DV360 platform. We work with the best available platforms on Programmatic, Native, Push Ads, etc. Our own in-house DMP enables us to capture and categorize acquired users in order to integrate the DMP with other platforms for better results.

Branding & Display

We utilize display to pique interest., make it interactive, edgy, and unforgettable – just like a great commercial. Let them discover your brand on their terms.. This is the why you need to see display as branding; not just for acquisitions.

Innovations and Rich Media

If you want aa user to interact with the ads’ content, do more than showing an image and having a single click-out. Check out the cool stuff weve been doing for best of the brands.

Paid Social & Search

The smart way to do advertising, today, is to leverage display to share your brand and invite viewers to reach your business via search & social media.We help you strategise a paid social media plan that includes awareness, consideration, and conversions to maximise the brand presence.

Media Buying and Planning

We know that strategically purchased media can impact a campaign's success. We define SMART goal setting in media buying that is Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound in order to achieve desired outcome.

Influencer Marketing

We help you maximize the Return on Your Social Media Investment. We have learned that success on social media comes from forging an authentic relationship with your followers. We use a data-based understanding of your social audience to create and publish powerful content, and design relatable and memorable social experiences that your customers love.

Digital—First Planning

We help stitch customised mobile solutions to support your business needs and achieve your marketing objectives within desired ROI. This can range from brand challenges such as lead generation, low market penetration, building loyalty etc. to meeting business needs like new product launch, creating awareness and brand recall

Facts & Numbers

Here are some of our digital marketing facts and statics to make you think  to work with us.

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